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Snohomish County, WA
Seattle, King County, WA

Jeff LawrenceAt J.L. Remodeling we pride ourselves at being honest, dependable and trustworthy.  We show up when we say we are going to and complete the job in a reasonable time frame.  Our integrity is without question and we respect the customer and their belongings. We are competent and professional installers.

Jeff Laurence, the owner and founder of J.L. Remodeling, has installed tile since 1998 and has been remodeling homes since 1990.  Jeff graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor in business and marketing and a minor in economics.  Jeff works in this field because he enjoys tangible results and craftsmanship.  He prides himself in growth when it comes to his craft and is always looking for new and more efficient ways to do things without sacrificing quality.  Jeff knows that each project he or his company does reflect on him and his professionalism.

Jeff started J.L. Remodeling in 2001 and found that understanding the customer, quality and timeliness is what you need to be successful in this trade.  With a General Contractors license He is able to handle complications and problems as they may arise during installations.  Typically he is able to get the project back on track quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Jeff has been dedicated to developing and perfecting his craft in tile setting since 2004.  Prior to tile setting J.L. Remodeling was in the business of remodeling kitchens and baths, however Jeff has experience in many types of remodeling projects.  J.L. remodeling has built and designed many decks and exterior garden features as well as pool tile, additions, roofing, foundation and hardscapes.  In all projects taken on by J.L. Remodeling quality is the foremost concern.   We look forward to meeting with you and building a positive relationship with you in the future.

Direct – 425-879-9565


We are excited to raise money to go and give a family a home! The J. L. Remodeling crew is going to donate their time and money to go down to Honduras to give Joel and Ana and their two children a home! We are trying to raise the money to pay for the dwelling which is only $12,000!! In addition to that it will cost about $800 each to pay for food and lodging. We can do it!

Please help us in our mission!

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Thank you!

The J. L. Remodeling Crew

Jeff Laurence, Owner

Shane Lewis, Superintendent

Tony Serrata, Superintendent

Jonathan Burke, Lead Installer

Scott Joyce, Installer

Jeana Flynn, Office Manager, Executive Assistant
JL Remodeling, Inc. – Licensed Contractor, Custom Tile Work & Remodeling Contracts
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