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Glass & Metal Tile

Tiles made of stainless steel, brass, iron and copper are an exciting alternative to clay-based tiles.  They are quite expensive per square foot, but adding just a few metal tiles to a wall of glazed or porcelain tiles can have a big effect.

We install metal tiles just like standard tiles, and they are available in shapes and thicknesses to work in most layouts.  They are available with smooth finishes, polished or unpolished and with embossed designs.  Some metals may weather and discolor with time and exposure to moisture.

Glass tile is another interesting option for walls (and, in some applications, floors).  Glass tile is available in a variety of colors and degrees of translucency, as well as shapes and sizes.

Because most glass tile is translucent to some degree, it’s important to use a white tile adhesive that won’t affect the appearance of the tiles once they are installed.  Glass is impervious to moisture, but it can be scratched and cracked, so it shouldn’t be installed where it will get hit by swinging doors and scratched by general traffic.

We are excited to raise money to go and give a family a home! The J. L. Remodeling crew is going to donate their time and money to go down to Honduras to give Joel and Ana and their two children a home! We are trying to raise the money to pay for the dwelling which is only $12,000!! In addition to that it will cost about $800 each to pay for food and lodging. We can do it!

Please help us in our mission!

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The J. L. Remodeling Crew

Jeff Laurence, Owner

Shane Lewis, Superintendent

Tony Serrata, Superintendent

Jonathan Burke, Lead Installer

Scott Joyce, Installer

Jeana Flynn, Office Manager, Executive Assistant
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