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Mosaic Tile

Mosaics are an ancient and intricate art form.  Using tiny colored clay tiles, artists have created incredible images and patterns on the floors, walls and ceilings of buildings from Greek temples to Byzantine cathedrals.  Today, the individual tiles are ceramic, porcelain, terra-cotta, stone or other tile cut into small pieces.  They are often mounted on a mesh backing so that large squares of many tiles can be installed at once.  These squares may be a solid color or contain a pattern or image.  Individual mosaic tiles are also available for making custom accents and mosaics.

The variety of patterns and designs available in prefabricated mosaic tile squares is extensive, and adding just a few squares to a floor or wall has a striking effect.

Mosaic tile can be very low maintenance or it can require periodic application of sealant, depending on what the individual tiles are made of.  All mosaic tile is generally quite slip resistant, no matter what material, because of the large number of grout lines.

Mosaic tile can be expensive, but a few square feet of mosaic among a whole wall of simple ceramic or porcelain tiles creates an exciting decoration at little expense.  You can also use shards of broken tile or even of china and porcelain dishes to create small mosaic accents on walls. The creative possibilities are endless.

We are excited to raise money to go and give a family a home! The J. L. Remodeling crew is going to donate their time and money to go down to Honduras to give Joel and Ana and their two children a home! We are trying to raise the money to pay for the dwelling which is only $12,000!! In addition to that it will cost about $800 each to pay for food and lodging. We can do it!

Please help us in our mission!

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The J. L. Remodeling Crew

Jeff Laurence, Owner

Shane Lewis, Superintendent

Tony Serrata, Superintendent

Jonathan Burke, Lead Installer

Scott Joyce, Installer

Jeana Flynn, Office Manager, Executive Assistant
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