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Quarry Tile

The name “quarry tile” is somewhat misleading because modern quarry tile isn’t produced in a quarry.  Instead, these tiles are made from red clay extruded through a die that makes them resemble cut stone.  The die also creates a ribbed back on the tile to improve mortar adhesion.

The rough-hewn aspect of quarry tile makes it appealing and extremely slip resistant, but the open texture increases maintenance requirements.  Quarry tile is often much more absorbent then glazed or porcelain tile, making it more prone to stains and mildew.  Sealants must be added to increase this tile’s durability and serviceability.

We are excited to raise money to go and give a family a home! The J. L. Remodeling crew is going to donate their time and money to go down to Honduras to give Joel and Ana and their two children a home! We are trying to raise the money to pay for the dwelling which is only $12,000!! In addition to that it will cost about $800 each to pay for food and lodging. We can do it!

Please help us in our mission!

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The J. L. Remodeling Crew

Jeff Laurence, Owner

Shane Lewis, Superintendent

Tony Serrata, Superintendent

Jonathan Burke, Lead Installer

Scott Joyce, Installer

Jeana Flynn, Office Manager, Executive Assistant
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